Koln, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Monchengladbach & Essen

It was great seeing such a fantastic selection of modernist and post-war artwork in a just a few days. It was a whirl of the greats with Polke, Richter, Blinky, Dieter Roth and of course Beuys standing out for me. I think Sophie summarised the highlights of  the recent trip very well in her blog and so will not repeat.

I did want to add for my own record how inspiring I also found the work of Max Neumann at the Galerie Stefan Ropke, Koln. Such simplicity of imagery but with a depth of surface, layering what seemed to be prints, drawing and painting. Powerfully understated and effective.

At the ‘Wrong’ exhibition in the Kunst in Tunnel (KIT) Dusseldorf Dieter Krieg was a hit, with his text and layered washed out surfaces. I also enjoyed the simplicity of Matthias Lahme’s cut out paintings on paper. A layered surface so often grabs my attention and seduces me.

Erwin Wurm’s ‘Liquid Reality’ show at the Kunst Museum Bonn was of course a hit. With his ‘one minute sculptures’, ‘fat houses’ and ‘pullover sculptures’. I loved the fun of his work and what seems both ridiculous and tragic. Pure pleasure.

I also enjoyed the layout of the Museum Abteiberg in Monchengaldbach. What a fine selection of works, with Dieter Roths, Richter’s grey paintings and of course Kippenberger’s Richter table. Rodney Macmillan’s carpet continues to haunt me: “It  is easier to get  something new right than something old.”

Finally Alexandra Bircken at the Kolnischer Kunstverein was a great show to finish with. It was a breath of air to see a contemporary female artist after all the male posturing in galleries. I loved her work. Strongly feminine, fun with an unease that comes through her careful placement of materials crafted together. The image that I have included in the highlights summed up so much for me.



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