Future Useless/ Future Perfect

The creative act or inspiration for art work usually arises from a series of ideas; when thoughts or images merge into another to produce a new image or art work. Recently I have been working through a number of methods to produce a new body of work. I have used found art works and images and have reproduced or reformed these images to suggest a different narrative to that of their past form. I have also revisited the act of painting  and colour theory and at times have combined this with the found work or solely used the method of painting to suggest a further dimension beyond the flat surface and a presence beyond the now.

To an extent this collage and presentation of ideas can be described as what Deleuze refers to as the fold; the folding inside of the outside. A simple interior and exterior mutually existing yet at the same time increasingly complex as what is present goes beyond the visible and includes the folding of time and memory.

For me there is no boundary between the works and how they becomes visually present through the making process; by presenting these ideas together I aim to suggest a continuous ‘texturology’ between the works. This idea is summarised in my ‘Fold Series’ paintings which suggest a visual presence of the fold in an abstracted form in which a ‘finite number of components produce an infinite number of combinations’. The system of geometric forms finds is own space and the use of colour and light suggests an exterior beyond the surface. The repetition of shape is not uniform and so offers and opportunity for the series to continue indefintely or break down or deviate to create a new set of visual ideas.

For a the planned exhibition with fellow artists Sophie Barr, Alice Rolfe and Griffits&Blackburn I am eager to bring new systems together in a space to stimulate further ideas and explore further the idea of a continuous ‘texturology’ as we work in collaboration to bring our ideas and visual references together under the working title of ’Future Useless/ Future Perfect’.


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