Marlene Dumas

I went to see ‘The Image is Burden’ twice at the Tate, I would have liked to have found time to go many more times. I was truly astonished by Dumas skill as a painter. I had seen her black and white ink faces previously but hadn’t had the pleasure to see her paintings up close. They really are very powerful, so emotive and so disturbingly good. I admire her looseness and exactness with the paint. It takes great skill and practice to make a loose scuffed line look so intended.Het kwaad is Banaal

The eyes in ‘Evil in Banal’ are mesmerising. They are astonishingly glassy, the small lines of white perfectly places provide a sense of light reflecting and it’s as if they are still wet and shining in the light. The photograph of the work doesn’t quite capture the ‘glassiness’ but I wanted to share the image here as a reminder of how long I looked at the painting.

Equally the emotion in ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ is so powerful its as if you can touch the tears rolling down the face and the wetness of the lips. The face is smudged and covered in pain and anguish.


I was also amused by Dumas ‘Drunken Mermaid’ what a great image, painting and title. It is like she is weighed down by the weight of the paint and the desperation to cling onto the rock while feeling nauseous. It speaks for itself.

Lastly as a reminder of an image I have in my head that is yet to be interpreted into paint. I have included Losing (Her Meaning). Another atmospheric painting layered with meanings and possible interpretations.

d4656610r Losing_Her_Meaning

Marlene Dumas has so inspired me.

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