Lying Men

I remember it was a year ago, well it was a Friday, the Friday the general election results were unfolding on the TV and radio. It was not a good day and it felt bleak the direction voters had pulled the UK towards. While the results of the election were becoming increasingly real I was sat in my studio painting.

A year ago I started the Lying Men series. Although I didn’t know it was series when it started. I created a painting of a man lying down, I then created two more. It grabbed my interest and over the year the work developed and the collection of paintings were shown earlier this year at the Lovely Gallery in Sydenham.

These works came from observations made in the city of London of office workers on their lunch breaks. Workers suited squeeze into ever diminishing patches of grass to grab a bit of non airconditioned air and rest for a few minutes in the midday sun. To kick back and snooze for a quick power nap. Out of context these images look restful, soporific, surreal and dreamlike.

Feel free to read them as you wish but they are undoubtably lying men and I will always remember that they first appeared at the general election.

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